Portrait Magazine: Ian and… me!

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Vi ricordate il sondaggio per chi volevamo sulla cover del numero di agosto di Portrait Magazine? Ovviamente hanno vinto Ian e Nina e a loro sono dedicati una carrellata di articoli. E con mia somma gioia c’è un ringraziamento speciale anche a…. me! Yes!
I (the author) would really like to thank Nicki who runs http://www.iansomerhaldernetwork.com and Gabriele who runs Italian fansite www.iansomerhalder.wordpress.com for their contributions. I asked them why Ian inspired them enough to start fansites for him and they in turn inspired me for the direction the article should take. Be sure and visit their fansites for more info about Ian.
Ecco la carrellata di articoli dedicati a Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder: A Star With Conviction

Hanging with the Vampire Diaries cast in Sydney!

Confessions of a TV-Holic: Crushing on the Badboy…

Say What: Rise of the Vampires – Best Quotes from The Vampire Diaries


One thought on “Portrait Magazine: Ian and… me!

    danilo said:
    19/10/2010 at 7:26 pm

    sapete dirmi in quale giornale posso trovare nina??????????? =(

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