Ian su Telefilm Magazine di marzo

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Anche questo mese Telefilm Magazine dedica ampio spazio a Vampire Diaries e ad Ian con una bella intervista esclusiva.

Trovate tutti gli scan nella nostra gallery. Buona lettura a tutti 🙂

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

NOT ITALIAN FANS: We always put italian articles and I know that usually you can’t understand what they say so this time I decided to translate it for you! also this month Telefilm Magazine talks about TVD
they talks about the italian dubbers of the characters, all the connection beetwen the two most important Williamson works, Vampire Diaries and Dawson Creek, then there are all the votes that all the american press gave to Vampire Diaries. And…. an exclusive interview with Ian. Mostly it says that he could be very arrogant for his beauty and success but he’s a very simple and gentle boy (the journalist met him at the comic-con 2009 when they released the interview). They talks about the main story and Ian says that he thinks that he has got the best sides of both Damon and Stefan. Not only girls love bad boys but the boys too says Ian because they’re funny but he also said that bad characters also have their human feelings.
He says that he can’t spoil anything about Lost, Nina is a very good actress for him, he loves the special effects used for his trasformation and at the end Ian also said that he doesn’t belive to be a sex simbol and every time someone says this to him, he turns red because this is embarassing for him.


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